Structure of Appointments

As each dog is unique, and each family is unique, it is impossible to give an exact duration of a programme for training dogs and their owners.  The method of training is bespoke to you, your dog and your situation.

For training packages and behavioural consultations, please first complete an application form, and send this, together with a signed copy accepting the terms and conditions, to King's K9, either by email or by post.

Once the application has been received, payment for the training will be requested and a mutually beneficial time can be set up for the first appointment which will last 1 hour and 15 minutesSubsequent appointments will last for 1 hour.  Please ensure you adhere to the timings of your appointments carefully as late starts cannot be accommodated by late finishes.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice by phone or email. 
Depending on the issue being considered, the appointment may involve observations of your dog and your family's interaction with your pet, it may involve a walk to observe behaviour of the dog outside, or other action deemed necessary to establish a full picture of the issue.   Training and handling advice will be given, including owner body posture and movement considerations.  Once you are happy with the advice given and the explanation of why this method of training is appropriate, there will be a practice session where you will be handling your dog and hoping to achieve the required behaviour.   A follow-up report will be written and delivered to you (and your vet and insurance company as necessary) electronically, further explaining the training programme and providing other links and advice as necessary.  Nicky will telephone in two to three-weeks' time, at a pre-agreed time of day, to monitor progress and offer further advice or consultations if necessary to ensure progress is being made.