"Sky is our rescue dog from the Cinnamon Trust.  She is very strong and playful, yet Nicky has helped us to train her on the lead and to manage the situation well.  Nicky is very understanding and kind in her methods."  Mary

Behavioural Consultations

Consultations can be made by appointment only and require a completed application form in advance.   It might be the case that your pet insurance covers the cost of behavioural therapy, so do check your policy and ask your vet for a referral if this is the case. The first consultation takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, during which Nicky will meet with you and your dog to discuss the problems and to go through the relevant paperwork needed for the diagnosis. If there is a range of issues you wish to discuss, it may be that all matters can be considered under one consultation, however this does depend on the individual circumstances. More often than not, Nicky will want to walk with you and your dog to establish further information about the dynamics of your relationship with your dog and to observe the interaction between you. This may happen even if the undesirable behaviour occurs within the home as this will help to establish a big picture.

If necessary, Nicky will employ a stooge dog in order to create a situation where an unknown dog can approach your dog, or perhaps a stooge person (her business partner) to act as the postman/unexpected visitor or whatever is needed in your case. Equipment can be provided to demonstrate new methods of dog handling if necessary, for example long line leads or a different collar.
Nicky will offer immediate advice to work with your dog, and within 48 hours will provide an interim written report including background information, behaviour diagnostics and a functional analysis. The advice will be clearly explained and demonstrated during the consultation until you feel comfortable with the handling of your dog. A clear set of instructions and advice for you and your family will be included in the written report along with an indication of the time frame you should expect to work with in order to eliminate undesirable behaviour.
A one-hour follow up consultation takes place at an agreed time to monitor progress, to move the training on further and provide advice.more   Sometimes the calming of one behaviour may result in another unwanted behaviour popping up, and this can be dealt with at the time of the follow up. Beyond this, unlimited email support can be offered in connection with your original unwanted behaviour.

For the duration of your package, you can telephone Nicky for further advice or questions.  A final, comprehensive report will be issued to you and your vet (if required).   

If you wish to make a behaviour consultation appointment, please choose your package below.  Please complete the Behavioural Consultation Application Form (found below), and send to King's K9 with a signed copy accepting the terms and conditions. 


KING Behaviour Consultation Package

3 sessions:

Session 1:  1 hour 15 minutes

Session 2:  1 hour

Session 3:  1 hour


Includes 'on-call' telephone service for the duration of the package


QUEEN Behaviour Consultation Package

2 sessions:

Session 1: 1 hour 15 minutes

Session 2: 1 hour

Includes 'on-call' telephone service for the duration of the package

Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour [Distinction]

"...It was such a relief to finally be able to try some solutions and seeing the improvements in Nelly each week.  I can't thank you enough."  Steve